“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn”-

The above thought of Sir Benjamin Franklin is our vision and pedagogical philosophy at Shri Ram Global School, Bangalore. Hence, we encompass learning in an activity-centric, students’ needs-focused classroom. We discourage rote thinking and a banal approach to teaching. We appreciate and nurture the individuality in our kids and we believe that we are also very different from other run-of-the-mill schools.

  • The human touch 
  • The aesthetics
  • Teaching efficacy: Students and Teachers don’t carry books in class. 
  • Small class size: 24 students per class, Teacher, Students Ratio 1:9
  • Holistic development
  •  The extra mile
  • Treating the most valuable resource with care
  • Sport Academy

The human touch: Shri Ram Global School is not just a school. We are a nest where little ones find a motherly comfort in their teachers and space for their young minds to grow. We are the haven for young adults where their creativity is engaged, collaboration and fellow-feeling are encouraged, and the slowly diminishing values of honesty, discipline, empathy, respect, and tolerance instilled. We even encourage our teachers to be creative and independent in their ways of teaching, since creativity can only be generated through freedom of mind. Our mission is not to just produce a creed of academically successful youth, but to nurture future citizens who are humane, intellectual, sensitive, rational, and successful in any field that they choose.

The aesthetics: Spread over liberally through ten acres, our school is lapped in a pollution-free campus that is enveloped with luscious trees, wide playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts. We like to provide our little minds enough space to run around, explore, and feel happy.

Teaching efficacy: Our focus is on a thorough and concept based learning. Students and teachers at Shri Ram do not carry textbooks of any subjects other than Languages to their classrooms from std VI onwards. Learning is based on interactive sessions and concept-building activities. This ensures maximum engagement and focus.

Small class size: For maximum student engagement and participation, our student-teacher ratio is 9:1,  24 students per class, very rare in schools today.

The extra mile: We go the extra mile to help our students be successful in the global arena. We provide Olympiad, NTSE, and PSAT coaching classes absolutely free of cost!

Treating the most valuable resource with care: We consider teachers to be the most valuable resource in learning, and we take care to not over-burden them with classes. Our teachers have fewer classes compared to other schools allowing them to think, plan, and execute their lessons effectively.

Holistic development: For kindling the individual interest and for the holistic growth of a child, we have various clubs like SUPW club, ECO Club, General Awareness club, Music club, and Dance club.

Sports Academy: The Sports Academy at Shri Ram provides ample exposure by conducting inter-school matches. We have renowned and experienced coaches to train our young athletes.