Dear Parents,

Greetings from Shri Ram Global School, OMR, Bangalore!

We only accept payment by Cheque or Demand Draft, we don't accept any cash amount.

We DO NOT increase the fee every year. School Fees will be increased in every 5th year.

1) School provides free of cost Text-Books, Note-books, Stationery, Sports program, extra co-curricular activities, during school hours to its students. Schools do not charge any money for school functions like Sports day, Annual day, or any kind of events, basic Medical facility, GPS facility, or any kind of activities conducted during school hours.

2) The school doesn’t sell books, stationery, uniform, or any other items.

3) There will be a 10% sibling discount on school/tuition fees every year.

4) The school tuition fee can be paid in 3 installments and the transport fee can be paid in 2 installments.

5) School/tuition fee installments schedule:

  • 1st Instalment: 10th March
  • 2nd Instalment: 10th July 
  • 3rd Instalment: 10th October

Class1st Installment before 10th March (Rs.)2nd Installment before 10th July (Rs.)3rd Installment before 10th October (Rs.)Total Amount
Up to UK
Std. I to V510002500025000101000
Std. VI to X600003000030000120000
Std. XI to XII660003000030000126000

6) Transport fee installments schedule:

  • 1st Instalment: 10th March
  • 2nd Installment: 10th October

0-5 Km

5-10 Km

10-15 Km

15 Km & above

Up to Std. II





Std III and above





7) If the fee is paid by cheques, it should be paid by or before the 5th Day of the month (March, July, and Sept).

8) A late fee of Rs. 500 will be levied if it is paid after the 10th day of the month until the 25th day of the month (March, July, and Sept).

9) A late fee of Rs. 750/- will be levied if the fee is paid between the 26th day of the month ((March, June, and Sept) until the 10th day of next month. After one month of delay, the late fine will be Rs. 1500.

10) After two months of delay, it will be considered re-admission, and re-admission fee is Rs. 3000/-

11) The dis-honored cheque will carry a fine of Rs. 750/- plus a bank penalty fee.

12) A security deposit of   Rs. 15000/ paid at the time of admission, which is refundable at time transfer certificate (TC)

13) There will be no refund of any amount except the security deposit, only to that parent who has paid it to Shri Ram Global School, OMR, Bangalore, CBSE Aff. No 830922.

14) At the time of security deposit refund, parents have to produce a security deposit paid receipt to the accounts team to initiate the refund process.

15) In case the child is withdrawn in the middle of the academic session, the whole year’s tuition fee and transport fee (If applicable) have to be paid before the transfer certificate can be applied.

16) Registration fee of Rs. 20000/- one-time payment at the time of admission.

17) For new admission, Registration fee, Security deposit, and the first installment has to be paid at the time of admissions

18) The cost of Admission application fee is Rs. 500/- per application.

Note: Shri Ram Global School, OMR, Bommenhalli, Bangalore run by Shri Ram Academy (a registered trust) has no branch in Bangalore or have no relationship with another school for any kind of financial transactions. So, any payment of this school must be made to Shri Ram Global School OMR by Cheque or our ERP (MCB, portal) by logging with your user id and password provided by the school.

  • Transport fees may increase depending on the market, commodities, and fuel prices. It is optional, a parent may skip it and he/she can use personal transport for pick up and drop.

Kind Regards,

Accounts Team


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