Cultural & Extra-Curricular Activities

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Cultural & Extra-Curricular Activities

Cultural Awareness at Shri Ram Global School, Bangalore.

At Shri Ram Global Bangalore, we are committed to nurturing future global citizens who are not only tolerant and respectful of other cultures and religious beliefs, but who also wholeheartedly rejoice in the colorful diversity of India. To this extent, we celebrate Saraswati Pooja, Eid, Dusshera, Diwali, Christmas, and Lohri/Pongal/Sakaranti with equal zeal in the school.

For instilling the spirit of nationalism, we celebrate all the national days of pride and the birth anniversaries of patriots like Shahid Bhagat Singh.

For the spiritual well-being of our students, we have regular Yoga classes and we celebrate International Yoga Day with great fervor.

We also take the kids on sports-centric trips.