Social Care

Apart from studies, sports, and cultural activities, we also involve our students in social activities. This helps students to understand the society and environment better and shape them as aware citizens.

“No man is an island” and no man can effectively function living in isolation, therefore, it is necessary to give back to our society where we live, learn, grow, become reputable and responsible citizens. It’s our individual and collective responsibility of giving back to the society that has given so much to us. In fact, it’s a joy to do so. Therefore, it is important that we all give back to society even more than we have received from it and for a greater cause to make our society a beautiful and better place to live.

And for that we don’t have to very wealthy or donate a lot of money, just a sincere effort to touch someone’s life positively is a huge contribution.

Our social care activities include:

  • Environmental Clean-up Programs
  • Planting Trees
  • Food Distribution
  • Waste Management

Environmental Clean-up Programs: In our field trips to different natural sites like hills or beaches, we make it a point to educate our children about keeping nature clean. We do this by encouraging them not to litter and by also encouraging them to pick up trash if they see it.

Recently during our visit to Mantra Surf Club, we organized a beach cleanup program for the kids. The kids learned about the causes and effects of the trash on the beaches and in the ocean.

Children from a very young age must learn the importance of trees and the conservation of nature. This is why, here at Shri Ram Global School, we teach our students how to plant trees and make sure they understand how to take care of them.

Kindness and empathy are quintessential in shaping the future of a student. We organize food distribution for people who are in need. Especially during the times of the novel coronavirus, there has been a rising necessity for all of us to help one and other.

No better time to teach our students about being kind and setting a good example.

Not only is it important to clean the environment, but it’s also necessary to know how to manage the waste so that we can sure the proper disposal of garbage.

We have a bifurcation of trash so that dry and organic waste are kept separate and can be dealt with accordingly. This helps students understand how to dispose of garbage in the right way.