Pre-Primary Wing

Learning at Pre-Primary Wing is designed to be an enjoyable experience for children, thus making them want to come to school every day. By increasing student interest, by making learning fun but meaningful, we lay the foundation for developing a lifelong interest in learning. Children learn through playing games, songs, sports and creative activities.

We provide  an atmosphere where children feel respected and secure by providing a place of warmth, fun, joy and laughter for the little ones. Children are taken out on a nature walk where they observe the beauty of God’s creation and also are taken out on regular educational field trips to enhance their comprehension.

Learning at this stage is experiential, fun & activity based. The pedagogical processes followed are based on developmentally appropriate methods with multiple teaching and learning strategies. The child is the central figure and an active participant in the teaching learning process. Children enjoy the freedom to explore, express, create and interact within their environment and gain knowledge.

Primary Wing (Std. I to V)

Our objective is to provide a joyful experience for primary school students by imparting knowledge in a pleasant atmosphere. We aim at promoting their overall development through academic and extracurricular activities that ensure their physical, psychological, and mental growth and wellbeing.

Primary school is a crucial period where students are prepared for their future education. It’s a period in their educational journey when their teachers help identify their academic and extracurricular interests and impart the knowledge through engrossing methods and analytical skills. The concepts introduced in primary school help students gain useful insights and utilize their imagination for a better understanding of the subjects. 

Children also get opportunities to join various hobby clubs as per their interest and aptitude. They participate in intra-section and intersection competitions, class assemblies, annual days, celebrations and social awareness campaigns. 

Secondary Wing (VI to X)

The Secondary Wing comprises classes VI to X and are crucial years that prepare a child to turn their dreams into reality. Appropriate guidance is provided so that students realize their potential and lay strong foundations to pursue their interests.


This stage focuses on strengthening the knowledge, skills and competencies of the children and works towards greater critical thinking and flexibility in the thought process.

Senior Secondary Wing (XI and XII)

Our school aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where students of the senior wing are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their best in all aspects of school life.

We offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunities for all our students to achieve excellence in academic, creative, social, cultural, sporting, and community endeavors. We value collaborative learning, Positive relationships and building capacity amongst our students to effectively allow them to engage in problem-solving, evaluating and working in teams.

Our Excellent results at CBSE Board Examinations bear testimony to the excellence of teaching staff that create a stimulating learning environment for their future education.